Personalised Gin Glass - EST Balloon Glass

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Introducing our exquisite 65cl Gin Balloon Glass, personalized just for you. Elevate your gin experience with a touch of sophistication and individuality. What sets this glass apart is our innovative live preview feature that magically transforms as you type, giving you a sneak peek of your custom design in real-time.

Crafted with precision, this high-quality glass boasts a generous capacity, perfect for accommodating your favorite gin concoctions. Personalise it with your name, a special date, or a heartfelt message, and watch it come to life before your eyes. Whether you're sipping a classic G&T or a creative gin cocktail, our personalized Gin Balloon Glass adds a unique, elegant twist to every pour. Cheers to your one-of-a-kind gin journey!

Capacity: 65cl
Dimensions: Height: 20cm Diameter(Top Of Glass): 9cm Material:Glass

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